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Monday, May 10, 2010

My Signature Style

The Spiegel Signature Style quiz was on target. I took this quiz twice and the result was the same both times.

Your Signature Style is: Simple Chic

Simplicity is more than just your style, it's your approach to life. You firmly believe that it's better to have one perfectly beautiful piece you can wear for years than a closet full of "almosts". Quality rules in your world. The trends of the moment may interest you, but they never determine your choices. And that applies to more than just fashion. You are selective and deliberate in all your decisions. The saying "less is more" could have been written for you.

These Luxury Fabric Collections would be perfect for you:

Stretch Sateen, Stretch City Twill, Ponté Knit
Take the quiz yourself. When you do you will be entered into their Dream Getaway Contest.

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