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Friday, May 28, 2010

Motivated and Loving It!

I have truely fallen in love with sewing. I am no longer just planning to sew but I am accomplishing my goals and have had a few projects to show for it. The only way I can grow in my sewing is to SEW! And that what I intend on doing. Nothing can stop me now! When I want something new to wear I am going to sew it.  Currently what I want now is a new dress.  I am tracing Simplicity 2369 views A dress and C tunic.
What a great pattern.  Stay motivated and Keep Sewing!


Sheila said...

You have been on a roll. Like your tops and looking forward to your dress.

Kelroc said...

Thanks Shelia!

KimT said...

love the knit top. Nice work!