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Friday, February 22, 2008

Fitting Problems

New in Patterns: McCalls Early Summer Pattern came out today. Here are my favs:

Fitting is such an issue for me. I want the perfect fitting garments especially shirts. M5471 is proving to be that challenge. I knew I should have done a muslin. I tissue-fitted as out lined in Fit for Real People by Pati Palmer and Marta Alto. Usually when I hit a problem like this I give up and move on to the next project. But I am going to use this as a learning experience and not give up. I will make muslins for now on. It may be extra work, but at my level of experience (or is it inexperience?) I need to practice different techniques to learn proper fit. I plan is to tissue-fit and muslin fit. I want to learn tissue-fitting because I don't want to have to measure each pattern piece then match to my measurements. I'm I being Lazy!!! Take a look at the bodice and if you can tell me what's wrong. Pleeeeeeeeeease Heeeeeeelp!!!!!!!!! And what is the best method of fitting a sway back? After using the technique for fitting a sway back in Fit for Real People I still had a lot of extra fabric in my "sway ". Help!

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