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Tuesday, April 29, 2014

My Jouney to Understanding and Building a Wardobe I Love.

Coletterie for the past 12 weeks have been conducting a wardobe survey of sorts to help its readers to get a better understanding how they are affect by fashion and how it is reflected in their wardobes. I had downloaded week's 1 worksheet a few weeks ago and just decided today to begin the journey. So here it goes.

On average, we are exposed to over x ads a day, all designed to elicit responses and get you to buy and to want.
On top of that, if you’re spending time on the internet, you’re likely also being treated to a barrage of images of trends, status, and desire. You find yourself comparing your home, wardrobe, and life to the seemingly perfect ones you see online.
Is it any wonder we lose the sense of what our tastes actually are?
This week, let’s look a little bit deeper than the flashy and new. Let’s think about how we’re different, and how that affects our aesthetic choices.
How has your personal history informed the way you dress? When did your tastes crystalize? Have they changed over the years, and why?
Well, I feel my fashion history was formed by my mother who believed in keeping it simple. She wasn't the flashy type. She always look pulled together and even her makeup was applied minimalistly.  However, she was not one to be stagnat. She encouraged me to keep things looking fresh by never wear my hair same way everyday.Change it up.
For my style, the more unique the better (within in reason of course). Especially when it came to accesories. I ove handbags and jewelry with something uncommon. I still look for that in my accessories today.
In clothes, my tastes have shifted over the years. I have gone from wearing mostly dresses and skirts to pantssuits, and jeans, to the point that my wardobe is serverly deficient in ddresses and skirts.
What I have come to realize that now that I want a more sophsicated yet fun and a little edgy wardobe. I don't want to look like I trying to be too young. I want to be pulled together and comfy.
Hopefully by the end of this Wardobe Architect I will have a better understanding of my personal fashion style and a wardobe to reflect it.
Until next time....

Saturday, April 26, 2014

Quick Craft: Rhinestone Studded Clutch

I just needed something easy and quick to get the mojo in high gear. A pallet cleanser of sorts. What came to mind was a clutch. I went to the pattern stash and found the perfect project, NL6397 OOP. I knew I had some leftover faux leather and I settled on some leftover natural linen look for the lining. In all it took less than 1/4 or less of a yard of both fabrics for this clutch. In my stash I also had some rhinestone studs, and a tassel that I could use to the bag give some "pop". I did not want a boring brown clutch.

Now I have to make a spring floral or pastel bag. I love a quickie... a sewing quickie I mean LOL.
Until next time.

Sunday, April 6, 2014

Projects Update- January- March

 Here are the finished projects as promised. The V8923 was sewn in January, hemmed in February. Pretty much a straight forward sewing. The Fabrics are a black poly ponte knit and a Marni black and gold tiger print. I thought it would be fun to block with a print instead of a solid.
The peplum and the skirt was for the fearless  February/March Challenge held by the blog Ten Thousand Hour of Sewing.. These were not the only projects I had started for this challenge, these are the two that worked out. The peplum S1699 was a combination of the bodice and sleeves of view A and the peplum of view B. I did not want the cap sleeves nor the collar of view B. Overall the project was a breeze to sew.  The fabrics were black and an off white stretch poplin shirting. The effect is more on the sporty side which is trending right now.
The third project is S5505 OOP view B. The fabric is a navy lace floral. Its lining is a navy charmuese. I cut the length  below the knee and at the top of the calf. Think this a "right for me" midi length. This was easy peasy project. Especially because of the elastic waist.

Here are some things I did learn as part of the challenge:

  • Don't get down and discourage if the project fails. Toss and move on.
  • I learned how to use my roll-hemmed/narrow hem foot. I am not perfect but its a start.
  • How to sew a lap zipper, I had not sewn one before. Pretty easy.
  • Have fun and continue learning.
Next post I will layout my April projects. Until then, Keep Sewing!

Saturday, April 5, 2014

Checking in

It's been awhile since I have posted, but in that time I have been sewing and planning. In the next post I will be showing a couple of garments I made for the Feb/Mar. Fearless sewing challenge. Also, a garment I made back in January. I am also pulling fabrics and preparing patterns for my April sewing.
 Until then, keep sewing!