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Friday, July 4, 2014

Happy 4Th And What's Fresh This Friday

I wishing everyone have a blessed and safe 4th of July.
Its been since Mother's Day that I have last posted. The mojo took a vacay. So to get back in the mood I started a bedroom/sewing room makeover. Most of the changes will be DIY. When done I will post on that. However, the it helped to get mojo stirring. Also, looking at shows like Renovate My Wardobe gave me the motivation to finally purge my closet and now I know what I need to sew.  Another motivator is my eight year cousin wants to learn to sew. I brought her a Hello Kitty chainstitch sewing machine a couple years ago and she has been practicing with that machine. I know it is designed for children, but it is too hard to thread and the stitches are very easy to come apart because she can't backstitch to lock the stitches. She's feed up with it and I am too ( I have to rethread that darn machine). So, I told her that I will teach her on my real machine. I believe she old enough and ready. We'll see how that works out.
I purchased some new fabrics from Fabric Mart.  It arrived yesterday.

All pieces are challis that was on sale. The black and cerulean blue butterfly challis is so soft. The red is darker than it appears here. The red and cream are crinkled textured. I have some Ideas in mind for the fabrics. Redecorating will have to be put to the side for a moment so I can sew.
Until next time be blessed and sew much!


Nakisha said...

Oh how I love challis!!! <3

Very pretty fabrics! Have fun teaching your little cousin to sew!!!

Kelroc said...

Thanks Nakisha.