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Saturday, August 3, 2013

Mid-Year Refresh: Looking Ahead to the New Season

 I was going through my dresser drawers looking for a cami and it occur to me it's time to take a good and honest look and start getting rid of somethings. I just can't keep holding on to old clothes, things that I have never worn and probably will never wear. So I decided that next week I will go through closets and drawers organizing and make a list of those things I do need.  Then I will focus my sewing projects around those needs. So for now on all my planning will be on wardobe building. I have been doing some internet research for help in this area and have found some interesting material that I will share in future posts. So what plans do you have for the new fall season? How will you focus your sewing plans? Do share!

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Sheila said...

I try to organize and/or purge each season. The frequency is necessary to avoid over crowding. For the summer I organized/ purged my camisole/tank top draw. My fall organizing & purging will be sweaters. For Fall I want to focus on making a coat and just scored a nice piece of fabric for it.