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Sunday, May 26, 2013

Product Review: Orgreenic Fry Pan

I have been away form blogging for two years now ( my how time pass) but I am ready to try it again. While away I did do some crafting. I will have to update that in another ppost. But today I wanted to let my anger, or should I say review the Orgreenic Fry Pan.
Well, as per the manufacturers instructions, I seasoned the pan by coating the pan with oil and heating over med heat until smoking. Then let it cool and wipe away any excess oil using a paper towel.  When I tried to cook and egg like they did in the commercial, my egg stuck, clean up was horrible, I had to scrub the pan that claimed to be non stick and easy to clean. So I decide to re- season the pan and try again still the same results. I even end up melting the tip of a plastic spoon accidetntly mind you in the pan. Now I have a pan the I can't get the melted plastic out of and while trying to I scratched the surface of the pan and some of the green of the pan came off. Conclusion, I am throwing the pan away. What a waist.

Until next time, hopefully with something craft related, LOL

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