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Saturday, January 23, 2010

What I Been Up to Lately

Well I have been busy crocheting. I can't get enough. I am working on another hat project from Ravelry no less. It's another cable hat. I love the texture of this hat. I also did a cloche hat from the Crochet for Dummies book. I'll have to upload a photo soon.
I haven't been sewing but I have started planning what to sew. I thinik I want start with something quick just to get the mojo going. I love the new update the McCall pattern Co. has made to their sites. Coooool!!!
Oh, I have to give kudos to Crochetme on their site update. It's also gets a Coool rating.
Well, am going back to my cable hat. It's calling me.
Happy crocheting!

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