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Wednesday, October 22, 2008

"Sewing Tip "- Making Ordinary Pressure Feet Non-Stick Feet

When sewing on vinyl a regular pressure feet stick to the fabric causing a huge mess. I found a neat solution for this problem while looking through my favorite craft supply catalog, PTFE Strips by Kandi Corp. I brought these about a year ago from Home Sew Inc.
To use:
Just apply strip to bottom of pressure foot and remove any excess strip. Make sure your needle and thread can go through the hole in the foot with ease. Then sew as you would with a non-stick foot! Its that easy. I have used these strips on my blind hem foot to edge stitch on vinyl and also on my zipper foot when inserting zippers in vinyl.
I looked a saw that Home Sew no longer carries these strips, but I checked out Kandi Corps website and they are sell a PTFE 5"X 9" sheet for $4.00.


Dave said...

I just saw your note
We still sell the PTFE strips, but they are not on the website.
You can phone your order into our Customer Service toll free number
Kandi Corp

artist1lisa said...

Excellent tip.I will try it.I want to make some bags with vinyl pockets.Thanks for sharing.

Sheila said...

Thanks for the Tip.