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Sunday, August 24, 2008

Still Brainstorming

No sewing, but brainstorming. I am reading my fav mags to get ideas in fabric and shapes and embellishments. It is overwhelming at times because you see so many beautiful garments. I'm in the stage of picking patterns and fabrics. Just looking around the net. What I have decided to do is to plan my fall wardrobe in capsules. Doing either 2-4 pieces with a central theme to help me focus. Also within the capsule highlight one of the fall colors. What you guys think?


Sheila said...

I agree with you that looking at magazines for inspiration can be overwelming, but so much fun... lol. You plan for a fall capsule sound great. Looking forward to your fabrics.

Thanks for the lovely compliment on my B4788 dress.

gold said...

Lately I have been watching HSN fall fashion to get some ideas.They have had some pretty nice things on there.But like you that was overwhelming , because now I want to try and make everything I saw!!HA HA!!